Friday, July 25, 2003

Erin and Brett We all met at Lydia's hotel to go to the zoo (Chambers, Grandma and Grandpa Hatch, Brett, Lydia, Erin, Annie, Jack, Kitty, and Melvin).

a whole bunch of us at the zoo On the way to the zoo we stopped at a grocery store to buy food and snacks for lunch.

At the zoo, Grandma Hatch passed out little fans with squirt bottles on them so that the kids could keep cool. They ended up spraying water on everyone and everything in the park. No one seemed to mind because it was 97 degrees.

dragonfly After visiting the zoo we went back to Lydia's hotel to make sandwiches for lunch. Then we all went swimming.

a whole bunch of us at the zoo From Lydia's hotel we stopped by the wedding rehearsal to get directions to the family barbeque that evening. Then we went to find a Wal-mart. But we never found it.

At the barbeque there were goats and fish in the pond and dogs and of course lots of family. Everyone had a good time visiting with each other. But where did the mosquitos come from? We are in the middle of a desert and the mosquitos are attacking us.

We asked for directions to the Wal-mart (again) and headed there to pick up a few things.

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